Cooperstown Golden Ticket

Cooperstown Golden Ticket photo of Little Majors Stadium at Cooperstown Dreams Park

Since 1996
The Cooperstown Golden Ticket has been
embraced by our baseball communities.
We thank you.
Cooperstown Dreams Park

Cooperstown Dreams Park Golden Ticket

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Modernization while preserving history

The Greatest Youth Baseball Tournament in America - Voted Best Baseball Summer Camp: Cooperstown Dreams Park remains the only traditional baseball facility and tournament that embraces the historical values and high calibur of play expected in the birthplace of baseball. The Cooperstown Golden Ticket program has been supported by a great number of teams and communities who attend each year, that continue to secure their grandfather certificate, hundereds of them exceeding 20 years. Cooperstown Dreams Park continues to modernize it's facilities, information sharing and mobile apps, & processes to improve our guest experience. Thank you for supporting us.

A Summer Tradition . present day



Live the Dream

Since opening in 1996, Dreams Park has developed a format and events schedule second to none in the country: Beginning with our Opening Ceremony, you can feel the energy and excitement of the cultural exchange and life enrichment that Dreams Park offers. Weekly more than 100 teams from all over the country come together for pin trading, orientation, eating together, skills competitions, and the excitement of the seasonal tournament. As the competition builds, all twenty-two fields come to life with home runs, diving catches and heroic saves. As the games go on, we witness the beginning of each player's dream, to become his or her own hero. At the end of the week, each player is inducted in the prestigious American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame, and receives the coveted Hall of Fame ring. Every player leaves the Dreams Park with a great sense of pride, dignity and accomplishment, and develops an appreciation for the traditional values of faith, family, country and baseball.

Making history . 1996-present



Breaking Ground

Turning a dream into reality: Construction began in the spring of 1996 amidst some of the heaviest rainfall in Otsego County's history. Construction crews and hundreds of other contractors committed themselves to the mission of Cooperstown Dreams Park. The determination of Louis, the construction team, and the blind faith of those inaugural year coaches, players, staff, teams, umpires and families have opened the door for the youth of America to experience a baseball park unlike any other in the world.

If you build it . 1996



The Dream

A little about how it all started: Louis A. Presutti was a hard-nosed second baseman for the Belmont Athletics Baseball club who barnstormed with the A's on the semi-pro circuit in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York from 1927 until the Second World War. One day, while standing in the National Baseball Hall of Fame with his son and grandson, the grandfather exclaimed: "every kid in America should have the opportunity to play baseball in Cooperstown!" It was that phrase that still inspires the Dreams Park vision.

The Dream Lives On . 1992

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Baseball in Cooperstown

Play in the Greatest Tournament in America, against teams from all over the country, in Cooperstown, New York, the legendary home of baseball.

Our teams and communities

Team placement is frequently made years in advance of our tournaments. Your Cooperstown Golden Ticket helps reserve your spot for future seasons.

History and Legacy

For over 25 years, Cooperstown Dreams Park has continued to focus on traditional baseball principles and encourage a high level of play. We thank those teams who continue to return year after year, with their grandfather certificate, also known as their Golden Ticket.

Our Location

4648 State Highway 28 Cooperstown, NY 13326

4550 State Highway 28 Milford, NY 13807

330 S Main St. Salisbury, NC 28144

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